Hello World!

My name is Abderrahim Gadmy, a 29 years old, full stack developer based in Morocco.
I have been working in web development for almost 3 years now, I like to build stuff, be it, Interfaces, APIs, CRMs, or anything else for that matter.
If you feel like I might be of use to you, or you just want to chat, hit me up, my social accounts are listed below.

Technologies I use



One of the most, if not the most popular PHP framework. I just fell in love with laravel since the day I tried it, and I never looked back since.



This one doesn't need an introduction. To work smoothly, any web application, will need some sort of javascript integration on the front end. Vue.js is my weapon of choice.



Basic CSS and HTML aren't much of a skill nowadays, but knowing how cascading stylesheets work, specificity,floats, flexbox, grid .. etc. are not something to take lightly. An attractive design is as important to me as a functional application.



There are other tools in my arsenal that I do not use as much, such as Slim, Lumen, JQuery, and I'm up to learn new frameworks and technologies if an opportunity arises.


  • The Wrestling Game

    The Wrestling Game is the game where it all started. I have been working for this game since 2009 as a game administrator and still do, since then my interest in web development picked up, and in the past two years I've gotten involved with front-end and even back-end development.

    I've redesigned and integrated a few game pages, as well as various "Event" pages.

  • Landing pages

    During my free time, I usually look for some landing page designs. Quality depends on budget, time of design (You don't even want to see what I have been making when I just started this), and some other factors.

    I am not a designer, but if given enough time, I can come up with well-thought out webpage designs.

  • Speak5

    One of my earlier UI projects for a language learning platform called Speak5. It's along the same lines as DuoLingo. It's comprised of a landing page, rofile, settings page, and course videos.

  • NRS Tour tables

    A light web application to download data for cycling tours from an API and manage it from a simple administrator area.

  • Order Daily Manna

    OrderDailyManna is just as the name suggests. It is a webshop where you can order daily manna pamphlets/books.

    Simplistic, and to the point design, using vanilla PHP and Stripe for credit card payments.

  • Timelapse

    Mobile application landing page for a time management android and iOS application.
    Theme was inspired from the application itself, and all design elements that are not screenshots of the application are CSS generated.